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New start of the year everyone has their goals and I was going to be one of the many that went back to working out. Due to gyms being closed over a year ago I bought some used gym equipment online. It was going well for a few months I was working out every day, drinking lots of water until one day of not working out turned into weeks, and then months and motivation was completely lost. 

My basement is where my little gym area was set up and a place that I was now never going down to. As you can see if you're not looking at your gym, motivation is totally lost haha. 

Now come 2022 I Went to the basement and the floor was squishy... Something wasn't right. Tore up a few panels of the floor and there was some water under. Well, this sucks! A whole new floor needs to be put down over the concrete. 

Pricing of material keeps going up these days and this is not something that was planned in my budget this year. I am looking for help so that I can buy material to finish the floor and get my little at-home gym-going again. 

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!