It is all about expressing yourself correctly, communication is key when you are writing your campaign.  There are a few key steps to follow in order to write the most compelling and effective article possible. These steps include:

The Campaign Text

Introduce Yourself

One key factor is to let your donor know you. It is very important to reveal who you are and your role in the campaign. 

Tell a Story

Show your donors the issue or problem you are facing with a story. Describe it in a general way and go into details only to help people understand the problem. Your writing skills here are very important, it is all about knowing how to communicate your ideas. Two paragraphs are more than enough, long stories make your donors lose interest as not everybody is into reading.

If writing is a challenge for you, you can always record a video, upload it on YouTube and embed it in your campaign.

Define the Problem

Clearly outline the larger issues and problems in your story. Be as straightforward as possible when doing this. Write about the possible outcomes if you don't get help in a realistic way.

Explain how your Donors can make an Impact

Before donors give, they want to know exactly how their donation will make a difference for your cause. You’ve already defined a problem for them; explain how their donation will solve the problem with specific actions. For example, if you’re raising money for a funeral for an animal, you can show the quote of the pet cemetery or the cremation service. It is important to show how you are planning to use the money to solve the problem you are facing.

Call the Donor to Take Action

Explain the urgency of the situation so you can convince your readers to act quickly. 

In addition to following these steps, be sure to focus on the “you” and “we” language in your campaign, but mostly focus on the “you.” Your outreach should be about your reader and the impact they can make, and it should directly appeal to them. Using “you” and “we” language is important and helps provide a touch of human interest to your fundraising letter.

Don't forget the only person who has the obligation to help you is only yourself.