General Questions

How does To Support Me work?

To Support Me is a crypto-crowdfunding campaign platform. In a few words:

  • You publish a campaign,
  • your donors donate CPU-time on your behalf, your campaign balance starts to grow,
  • you get your money in your Monero wallet.

A more detailed explanation is here.

Beneficiary Questions

Do I need to be 18+?

Yes, you must. If you are underage, you will need to ask a relative to do the funding on your behalf.

What are the requirements to start a Campaign?

You will need the following:

  • a free account on this website,
  • a Monero wallet address (you need this to make a withdrawal)

How do I get a Monero Wallet Address?

There are many ways to get a Monero Wallet Address, and it really depends on your IT abilities to deal with it:

  • Hosted wallet, which is easily obtained if you get an account in any crypto exchange.
  • Local wallet, which requires you to install software on your computer or mobile.

We can not recommend you at this point to any particular vendor.

How do I withdraw my Money?

After your balance is equal or greater to your goal, you will be able to request a withdrawal. We will send your earned balance (minus the agreed fee) to your Monero (XMR) wallet that is in your profile. Once the deposit is done, we will archive the campaign and you won't be able to make any withdrawal from it.

Please double check your XMR deposit address, as once the deposit is done, it is irreversible.

How do I verify my Deposit?

This is a little techy. Each cryptocurrency transaction generates a transaction hash. We will send you the transaction hash of your transaction, you will be able to verify it.

How do I convert my earned Monero (XMR) to my local fiat Currency?

You have to look for local brokers in your country of origin to sell the XMR.

Do I need to verify my Identity?

We may ask to verify your identity if we see your profile to be sketchy. We will review your profile, your socials, your campaigns and if all seems normal, we won't bother you. In the event we may require you to verify your identity with us, we will ask you for government identifications.

However, you may want to do a public verification to make your potential donors trust you. It is up to you if you want to upload your government Id. Public verifications can be done by disclosing your social accounts. A social account that was created a while ago, showing photos of yourself and some content related to your campaign is an easy way to gain trust.

Is there a Deadline to Fulfill a Campaign?

No, your campaign will remain open until the goal is reached. However, if your campaign has a long-term cause, you will have to return and update your campaign from time to time.

What happens if I can't get to my goal?

If more than one year has passed, and your campaign hasn't been reached, you have two options:

  1. If the balance is equal to or greater than 0.001 XMR, you can ask for a withdrawal to your registered XMR wallet. We will transfer your balance (minus the agreed fee) and the campaign will be archived, or
  2. you may keep it open and wait.

How do I give more Exposure to my Campaign?

Exposure is key, it is the way to let your potential donors know your cause. On our end, we will do the following:

  • Post it on our Facebook Fan Page, or
  • Post it on our Twitter Account

However, this won't be enough. You will have to make some advertisements on your end.  Some actions you may do, are:

  • Post it on your personal Facebook Account on regular basis, once a week is a good start without annoying your friends; or
  • Tweeting it on your Twiter account, once a day is a good starting point; or
  • Post it on your Instagram account, since Instagram won't allow links, you may put it on your bio; or
  • Post it on your LinkedIn personal account; or
  • Ask your friends to reshare or retweet your posts, if they are okay with it; or
  • Join some Facebook groups and post it there.

What is the To Support Me fee?

Unless having a specific agreement with you, the standard fee is 5%.

May I have more than One Campaign?

Yes, you may. However, your potential donors will be able to see you have more than one, and in some specific cases, this may harm your credibility.

Donors Questions

How do I Support Someone's Campaign?

You must keep the campaign page open.

Are Donors Anonymous?


How do I Request more Information about a Campaign?

In the case the campaign's information is not enough for you to start donating your CPU time, you can always ask for more information. Feel free to contact the beneficiary directly through any of the public links on their profile.

You can always contact us with your comment and we can directly ask directly the donor to clarify the campaign.

For tax purposes, Is it possible to write the Expenses off?

It really depends on your tax situation. You can not get a receipt from us as we are not receiving money (you are donating CPU time); however, if you are registered as a business (incorporation, partnership, sole-proprietorship, or other) you may be able to write off the electricity somehow as keeping a computer on generates an expense.