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With To Support Me, you are free to help without harming your personal finances while getting the satisfying feeling of helping others.
Emergency Fundings
Emergency Fundings
Things happen to good people. We all know not everybody can afford expensive countermeasures. Asking for help from time to time is not a bad thing.
Memorials can be expensive. If you are in the unfortunate situation of losing a loved one and you want to remember them you can create a campaign.
Getting ill is something no one plans: The loss of work, delayed payments and depression make it hard to recover financially.
Education is the key to success and not everybody has the means to afford it. If you are worthy of it, you can ask for tuition support.

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It doesn't hurt financially speaking to your donors.
  • Easy & Harmless
Your donors give you CPU time which will allow you to receive cryptocurrency. When your campaign goal is reached, you will be awarded that crypto; then you will be able to sell it to help you finance your cause. Depending on donors' situation, they can write off the power used.

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Outstanding Characteristics


Helping people who deserve it is a satisfying feeling you can only get when you do it. To Support Me gives you the opportunity to help someone anonymously.


The value of the Monero (XMR) is not as volatile as Bitcoin (BTC). Think of it as a semi-stable coin.


Donors do not give money away, instead, they let donees have their CPU time which is used to produce Monero.


We use Monero (XMR) a very popular and reliable crypto-currency. Monero is here to stay forever.